Thinking about hosting a Hunger Challenge?

You probably have some questions. Here are a few documents we've put together to provide some answers. Think of it as your Tool Box of resources!


first things first

Our Why Feed the Hungry document gives you a very short list of some of the scripture reminding us why it is our job to feed those who are hungry.

Here are some documents that will walk you through some of the thought processes of hosting a Hunger Challenge:

  • A Timeline for a typical Hunger Challenge event
  • An Agreement about what HSM would do and what you would do if you hosted a Hunger Challenge event
  • Some Schedule Possibilities (Microsoft Excel file) to show you how many assembly lines and how many two hour packaging sessions it would take to accomplish your goal

What about Fundraising and publicity?

How are the assembly lines you talk about set up?

Here are some floor plan drawings showing various ways we can lay out the assembly lines at your facility. This should give you an idea of how your space would work for a Hunger Challenge.

Floor Plan/Assembly Line Diagram


Assembly Line Set Up Diagram


Please let us know what other information would be useful to you as you work through this process. We are glad to place additional resources in this Tool Box! You can Contact our home office here

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