If you really love the idea of a Hunger Challenge and want to know how to bring one to your town, then you've come to the right place! Here you will find the resources to answer your questions and see that we really are here to help you feed starving children. We think that you will be surprised at how easy it is to host a Hunger Challenge.

Gather a team

You need a core team of committed people to pull this off. Check out our Hunger Challenge Tool Box for more details. An HSM staff member will be glad to answer your questions.


Decide how many meals to package

One pallet of food = 66 boxes = 14,256 meals
20 pallets of food = 2,640 boxes = 285,000 meals = one shipping container of food


Choose a Site

A gymnasium works beautifully, or a church fellowship hall or a school all-purpose room. Our Hunger Challenge Tool Box gives details about workable room sizes.


Set your date and confirm it with HSM

Check whether your desired date is available. Make an initial deposit and complete a Hunger Challenge Agreement.


Publicize your Hunger Challenge

HSM provides publicity cards and posters – either preprinted or fillable PDF files. You will want to use email, social media, press releases, posters and word of mouth to get the word out. It's all in the Hunger Challenge Tool Box.


Raise the funds

Each nutritious meal costs just 30¢. Each box of 216 meals costs just $65. Roughly, each volunteer who works for two hours will package a complete box of food. Therefore, a basic budget is $65 x the number of volunteers who will work. There are many ways to raise the funds. Download our Fundraising Options document for ideas.


Schedule your volunteers

HSM will set up our customized registration system where volunteers will sign up online to participate in your Hunger Challenge. The system also allows people to donate toward your event. You can track how many people are signed up, send emails, print name tags and check-in lists, and follow up with your volunteers after the event.


HSM Staff will arrive to help you run your Hunger Challenge


Now that you know how to host an event

so we can help you feed starving children