Zara’s family was displaced from their home in Syria. When this photo was taken, she was living in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. I wish I could tell you where Zara and her family are now, but we truly don’t know. We do know that during a terrible time in their lives, Zara’s family received nutritious Heaven Sent Ministries food because you cared and gave and packaged food. We continue to pray for a real resolution that will allow her family to return to some kind of normal life.

We have no idea who will need food next. When the phone rings at our office and someone says, “Can you get some food to us? We need it so badly,” we want to be able to respond, “Yes. Absolutely.”

You can make it possible for us to say, “Yes. Absolutely.” If you give just $30 , you’ll provide 100 meals to desperate children.


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If you give just $25 a month, you’ll provide 83 meals every month. In just one year, that's 1,000 meals for desperate children.

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